• IDIS 19th Anniversary

    CONTINUING the advocacy for Clean Water Healthy Watersheds

  • Support the City’s Weekly Organic Market

    Support Davao’s small organic farmers by patronizing their produce at  the weekly Friday Farmers Organic Market at Rizal Park from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

    Support the declaration of Organic Zones in Davao City and urge the LGU to provide sufficient support for small organic farmers.


  • Ban aerial spraying in banana plantations!

    Write a letter to President Rodrigo Duterte urging him to issue an Executive Order banning aerial spraying of pesticides in banana plantations.

    Support the passage of a national bill against aerial spraying. Write a letter to your Congressional Representative urging him or her to fast track the bill through a Congress Committee of Ecology hearing.

  • Delineate Davao’s watersheds now!

    Write a letter to Mayor Inday Sara Duterte to appropriate more funds for the  delineation and demarcation of critical areas identified in the Watershed Code and for the rehabilitation and management of Davao’s watersheds.


  • Congratulations Lunhaw Awardees 2017!

    Replicate these inspiring initiatives by our Lunhaw Awards winners and finalists and help us make Davao City a haven for green living and environmental stewardship!